Make-up for photo shoot- Inspirations <3

Together with Zazu Studio Photography

( or

 we have a Fashion Photo Shoot tomorrow…

Well which direction should I go this time??? Shell I choose the “Make-up no Make-up ” style with a very pretty and colourfull dark lips, or maybe strong eye shadows style with a very nude lips?!?

I’ve been serching for some inspirations and just decideed to share them with you guys 🙂

There will be also some good tips step by step- how to make a smoky eye or how to properly conture your face

<3<3<3 Take a look <3<3<3


2d52e97e001f4c8252769f41 104 208041_416536878402183_1132889212_n 226635_422491417849436_1768308328_n 1185460_215434458615346_625350282_n 1237105_10153277272775651_1552127141_n 1554375_10152429661382755_7422886269866832934_n 1554394_10152429661377755_3603527135532220660_n 1610082_10152429648027755_7317006959477977679_n 1907628_10152429661492755_486810615924318351_n 10009768_735637369814487_1936835550_n 10154441_10152066856376301_4547429664884204976_n 10154951_10152429603592755_3400281679151535053_n 10155948_10152429617897755_8990155853563696500_n 10171048_624826197592184_5308316710865275607_n 10245517_10152429648197755_1736725205233855970_n 10256796_10152429655082755_7868383697120846470_n 10274173_10152429629932755_8788396631952117835_n 10277617_780755741955308_7045343651058182656_n 10297554_10152429660727755_6210203906868120704_n 10313829_10152429661687755_3019480413631691067_n 10320298_10152429648377755_3121982551103010688_n 10325622_10152429654617755_8400693844805732680_n brow-101 contouring IsaDora_Rock_Chic_jesien_2010 konturowanie-twarzy-do-rozjasniania konturowanie-twarzy-wedug-ksztatu-t makeup-krok-po-kroku makijaz mocne-oczy-141603_L modelowanieksztaltutwarzy safe_image thb_4387


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