Anna Jagodzińska for Japan Vogue 2014

After nearly three years break Polish top model Anna Jagodzinska is comming back on the fashion stage.

Take a look on her first shoot for Japan Vogue

I absolutely love it ❤

5d97a2f71c38d84aec61e18bea4b001180bdbf29 36c6048c83997f58f883106aad4ae897707fd5ce 999ffab967372e8c80afc7f8c7f4738a0dc90262 1041116f28f7b599d585653dbec1c6bdabb1ac61 a9713187fcea1be8d8408134be193ab508fb9400 cfb1e482372bf3c62dd426cf4daf8cae2fe9fb6c ded86779ce5c955950559b9958a2db4e3e71ae73



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