The Paris Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-15 VERSACE

 The Paris Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection shows are in full swing, last night kicking off with Atelier Versace.


Donatella Versace’s fourth collection for the Italian fashion house’s Haute Couture line gave a nod to the era of Rock ‘N’ Roll, the Fifties. Silhouettes comprised deconstructed shapes, corseted bodices, rounded shoulders and cutting and slicing away fabric with the ‘Donatella precision’ that helps create her infamous ultra-sex appeal effect.

And who better to grace the front row than celebrity diva, Jennifer Lopez, who famously wore that green Versace gown at the Grammy awards more than a decade ago! Last night, JLO arrived looking every bit the Versace goddess dressed in a chic white floor-length gown, hip-high split and half trouser look.

aal-4738_16014900 aal-4763_68515500 aal-4778_04925800 aal-4820_05873900 aal-4836_62226900 aal-4866_12958000 aal-4889_08834100 aal-4912_58526400aal-4949_08403400 aal-4976_52626800 aal-5009_09151500 aal-5057_54405700 aal-5109_34124200 aal-5173_04538800 aal-5235_54160100 aal-5261_60427900aal-5315_94003200 aal-5385_30531300 aal-5424_39822700 aal-5456_90043900 aal-5489_87051300 aal-5522_37667400 aal-5555-r2_87711700


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