Anja Rubik For Apart Jewellery

My favorite top model Anja Rubik, since few seasons now,  is a face of Apart Jewellery from Poland.

This time she was promoting a Perl Collection for the 30th Anniversary of Apart

In my opinion it was the best Apart Campaign EVER!


Jubilee Apart Jewellery line

“Perl Anniversary”

model: Anja Rubik

photography: Marcin Tyszka

anja-rubik-12 anja-rubik-13 anja-rubik-14 anja-rubik-15 anja-rubik-16 anja-rubik-17 anja-rubik-18 anja-rubik-19 anja-rubik-20 maxresdefault

38 anja anja-rubik-3 anja-rubik-4 anja-rubik-5 anja-rubik-6 anja-rubik-7 anja-rubik-8 anja-rubik-9 anja-rubik-11




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