RALPH LAUREN Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear


00520h_304x456 00510h_304x456

Collection that was incredibly wearable and took the safari message and moved into something soft and extravagant.

It was an expedition through India as opposed to Africa though: khaki gazars and silk shantung for soft draping atop jodhpurs; shirt dresses and parka jackets; jewels of Jaipur Palace shine accessorising necks, ears and tumbling down torsos to contrast the terrain tones beneath. They came punchily accented by bright lemon, magenta, orange and hot pink for scarves beneath natty safari-style jackets, tight trousers beneath with huge zip pockets – perfect to stash all those treasures in. Those same pockets featured on eveningwear in the guise of billowing-skirt parkas, while less utilitarian options came by way of strapless or asymmetric gowns, sveltely wrapped around the body.


00100h_304x456 00110h_304x456 00230h_304x456 00250h_304x456 00260h_304x456 00280h_304x456 00290h_304x456 00300h_304x456 00320h_304x456 00340h_304x456 00370h_304x456 00400h_304x456 00420h_304x456 00450h_304x456 00500h_304x456


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