The Blue Fendi campaigne SS15 by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld – absolutely stunning <3



Lindsey Wixson and Binx Walton.

ffbf7d6fb385c6febab93685302822fbc3955042 ff3e8c1dcbe0416357de859f13bbaf6fc5724758 da7e4f139fc6d97a9269003a074c982ffb8bcfc4 afec913a1472b2a4231ad458e679c1c6697cf440 1169f80c1732526f0a199d84849d79ad197f7fad 15c4ae6686fe4f3a68b7a0ce1bde82c5381b92d8 9daa292af32a4425c885daf2cbc28ba0bc06bfad 5b46380048ae69883495e993a66651dfe9966302 2ca7171112dede438155a997b933f1dd85961f2c 1aff652439ceaf886eac245c8a4af94ceb6690f3


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