Emazing campaigne of polish Duet BOHOBOCO

In the newest campaign of Bohoboco next to the model Magdalena Jasek we can see

fantastic 80 years old actress  Helena Norowicz!

What an amazing project

<3<3<35fc37b6909968c470a293777668df442cbfe9c52 7e4971495067ec7949589f31ce8e59572de4c2b8 28a6d1a76bd84f0d17bfe7dbec197e2d9da25d5c 78d49b8c055f8e9341e544f8cfc7d3354dca9d17 6482e331fbdb98072c0ec27915f9c5c7ee15420b 08749186a4452ed29249e7db7f49aeb13dfa75ef b6aa0005d020551497c9355555afcf5ff373e69b ea042dbb817b1ae01030a1f00a8fb691f2e2372c fd29755cdf3c6b3cfa7c3ba974bb43e7bc03e6c7


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