Doll Face x

This is absolutely incredible ❤

Maison Bentley Style


I saw this first on a friend’s Facebook page (thanks Sarah Dezille) and found it incredible on so many different levels.  These are the Tree Change Dolls – face-overs given to unwanted Bratz dolls by the artist Sonia Singh from Australia.  Using simple nail polish remover and eucalyptus oil, she removes the original paint..and re-paints new faces.  The dolls are then re-dressed in outfits handmade by her mother, transformed from something ready to be thrown a true Cinderella moment…it boggles the mind to think they once even shared the same gene-pool..



Sonia was just doing this for fun..then she uploaded a few pictures on her dolls to Tumblr..and the effect went viral..


It’s not surprising..she’s created something so simple, so innocent..and for me, captured something utterly nostalgic and precious.  Inadvertently her dolls have opened up the debate on the sexualisation of children and the increasing speed with which they…

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