I am a creative Make-up Artist with great passion for fashion and everything related to it.I love working with people: photographers,  producers, art. directors, designers, and models alike.

I would love to shere with you my ideas, imspirationsa and work and would love to see your opinions about all of that

(please forgive language mistakes 😉


I am living in London and am a part of the “Zazu Studio Photography” team.


We are a group of people passionate in the art of capturing a moment.

What we do:

 Our team offer photography service with full styling and make up- everything done with professional equipment. Zazu Studio mainly focuses on capturing people, but in a wide range of ways. We catch the best moments of your most special days, such as weddings, anniversaries and special occasion; we offer “before shoots” make over to people who aren’t involved in professional modelling. As well as that, we eagerly work with upcoming models and designers through the process of creating their portfolios.

How we do it:  

With Zazu Studio team, you can surely get ready for a unique experience. We are working in a professional, but fun and creative atmosphere; we will present you with our ideas and we will love to hear yours, so that we can all work for the most amazing outcomes.


4 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you so much Tat its so nice of you I would never expect that. I am absolutely in shock now 🙂
      Promise I’ll keep going and I hope to see more from you as well 🙂
      xxx Alex xxx

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