Gucci ‪Spring‬/Summer‬ 2010 ‎Campaign‬ ‪

Gucci Spring‬/Summer‬ 2010 Campaign‬

Models‬: Natasha Poly |Women Model Management| and Ryan Kennedy |BANANAS, Wilhelmina|

Photography‬ by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

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Publication in Obscurae Magazine- Zazu Studio this time for Stepaniuk & Adamska <3

Hi Guys 🙂

I would love to present you an editorial as always created by our Zazu Studio Team (, but this time

 in collaboration with a very talented designing duet Stepaniuk & Adamska from Poland. The editorial was published

in Obscurae Magazine Volume 12 Issue 1: Gender Bender ❤


For a first time next to the Female I was styling also Male models so it definitely was kind of a new challenge for me which I really enjoy.

Because of that as well I would love to ask you for comments-  I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT DO YOU THINK 🙂

Fot.: Michal Staniewsski
Creative Director/ Stylist/ mua: Aleksandra Nowak
Hair: Tim StudioKatarzyna Szymańska i Sylwia Dudzik
Jewellery: AlvaeOla Zalewska
Models: Marcin Karolina Jabłońscy, Marlena Rumińska, Agata Graczyk, Michał Stepaniuk, Szymon Maćkowski, Adrian Kaczmarczyk
Accessories: Centro
Location: Poland PUB Schody Donikąd


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1012074_930321153697453_1067526265761026771_n 10329306_938137002915868_7515346265156372131_n 11024732_928353443894224_1567803886253411752_n 11041811_928832400512995_5492900646734935814_n 11046972_931735250222710_609187724683875695_n 11058414_932853006777601_3215329750943832283_n

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see more images on our website

Few Words From Designers about they work:

We create our projects thinking of men and women not affraid to show they are unique and courage. People are our inspiration, that is why individual lines of projects are dedicated to people of specific types of character. Our projects seems to have its own soul, personality. Once they are brave and dominating, the other time gentle and romantic. Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź gave us knowledge and technical background but we are also widely experienced as we take a part in a fashion scene for several years. We tend to play with fashion, bring freshness and implement innovative ideas.

We begun our path through fashion some years ago with Black&White collection which was very much appreciated and widely commented in foreign media such as DIE WELT and Sächsische Zeitung.

We prepare new collections and show them on different fashion meetings and fairs. Now we prepare our new collection for men IP Men Fashion which is going to be shown on European fair.

xxx  Stepaniuk & Adamska  xxx


Valentino’s Winter Wonderland


Moodboard from the haute couture collection 945 Sala Bianca by Valentino


Outside of haute couture Fashion Week Valentino showed an all-white collection in New York last week, in a celebration its savoir-faire excellence. With a flurry of white silk and pristine lace on the runway

le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_25061808_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_59171235_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_167927299_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_197874097_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_206314785_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_209619371_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_218444945_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_220555977_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_998594334_north_883x.1le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_235270533_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_333839568_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_342353216_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_454121566_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_458355030_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_623093355_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_640443926_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_700986997_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_728579916_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_761827655_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_823057546_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_899377749_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_941103420_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_965251122_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_de_valentino_998594334_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_valentino__623419076_north_883x.1 le_d__fil___haute_couture_945_sala_bianca_valentino__954109404_north_883x.1

Nomination for a Blogger Awards :)


Hello everyone.

I am so excited !!!

It is such a honor and surprise for me, been nominated to a Blogger Award, especially that as some of you guys might relies I don’t have as much time for blogging as I really wish to have just because I am working in this beautiful Laura Ashley The Manor Hotel  which unfortunately I want it or no- regularly fills my free time .

Blogging is giving me so much fun and satisfaction and I am so happy to here that my posts can inspire some of you as well just as many of you is inspiring me everyday 🙂

Tat thank you so much once again for the nomination as I said you absolutely surprise me and  just gave me the wings :). I am your reader since a long time and you are definitely the one  who deserve to follow. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you 🙂


1. Thank and list the blogger who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their post to let them know they have been nominated.
5. Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominate:



1. My name is Aleksandra and I find it quite hard and awkward describing myself 🙂
2. Fashion is my one and only true LOVE 🙂
3. I love to travel a lot- all my life is an Adventure 🙂
4. I love to assist the photo shoot, I am a freelance  Make-up Artist, love working with people, models, photographers, art directors etc.
5. I’ve got a Masters Degree in range of Hotel Management and Catering Industry- I am working in Hospitality for money- working in the Fashion industry just FOR MY SELF 🙂
6. I am living in London with my fantastic fiance who is actually a photographer- we love to share our hobbies which is grate 🙂  <3<3<3
7. I have a dream to became a Fashion Stylist and I will do anything I can to make my dream come true 🙂


Nominations:There is so many of you I am reading regularly and all of that post keep inspiring me every day but unfortunately I am aloud to choose just 15 blogs which will be really difficult 😦

OK lets try …

1. For the Love of Fashion

2. Kitt Noir

3. Draw A Dot.

4. Threads



7. Julia Linn

8. Let’s Journey into Fashion Blog

9. The Fashion Huntress

10. michelangelo


12. The pink lemonade

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15. Bell Maquiagem

Good luck to everyone and I hope to see some more inspire posts from all of you 🙂